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4 Pillars of Brain Health : Mental Exercise

July 4th, 2013 in Earnest Holistic Health by 0 Comments

As we age our ability to think, process information and problem solve starts to decline, levels of neurotransmitters decrease and our brains start to shrink.  These are all a part of the aging process and can be slowed down with regular mental exercise. These exercises challenge your brain by boosting brain chemistry and connectivity. In order to understand mental fitness and find ways to boost mental acuity you understand  the different areas affected by aging of the brain by taking  a look at the different areas affected by cognitive decline . In this post the main focus is executive function.


Executive Function

Executive function encompasses a set of mental processes that connect experiences from the past and our ability to link it to our present actions.

Executive function includes the following:




Attention span


Managing time

Short Term Memory

Although there are many components of  executive function this post will focus on memory. As we age short term memory if the is first to take a hit. Have you ever walked down the stairs and then when you get to the last step you don’t remember why you went down the stairs in the first place? You may be :

Stressed out

–          High levels of  cortisol can kill the neurons  in the hippocampus that deal with short term memory

Normal part of aging process

–          You may be losing your ability to remember simple things

Long Term Memory

Long term memory can be affected by degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and trauma.  Did you know that there are ways to slow down cognitive decline? Mental exercise has been shown to promote healthy aging, ward off cognitive decline, decrease inflammation and add years to your life.



6 Ways to Fight Mental Decline

Learn a new language

The process of learning allows your brain to build new neural pathways

Play Games

Games that encourage the use of strategy challenge the brain and prevents cognitive decline


Allows you to meet people and exposes you to new perspectives and ways of doing things


If you are looking for a way to slow down the aging process in your brain you should try the mind games on These games will help you sharpen and improve your brain performance. Whether you are trying to improve your attention or develop your problem solving skill this program has a brain exercise for you. You can sign up for a free trial and track your improvement. Sign up here.

Use our non dominant hand

If you are right handed use your left hand or vice versa

Get lost

Take a new route home. Finding new route home helps you sharpen your problem solving skills

The 4th Pillar of Brain Health

Mental exercise is the last pillar of brain health performing these exercises will help maintain better concentration, improve your memory and problem solving skills. When you add the pillars of nutrition, exercise and stress management you have the tools you need to slow the aging process in your brain and boost your overall health naturally.



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