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3 Ways You Can Get Injured In Yoga-And How Chiropractic Can Help

April 30th, 2012 in Chiropractic Tips by 0 Comments

You probably know that chiropractic care can help after you’ve been injured, but did you know that chiropractic adjustment can help you prevent injury, too? The recent book and article by William J. Broad on yoga’s risks and benefits have created controversy about the safety of yoga and raised awareness about the need for awareness in any practice.

While chiropractic can reduce your recovery time from the injuries we’ll explore below, the best strategy is prevention. While regular, thoughtful yoga practice can, on its own, encourage strength, flexibility and alignment, we all have times when we realize we’re “out of joint.” Perhaps our time for regular practice has been compromised recently, or maybe the night was late in pursuit of a deadline. Sometimes you just wake up with a pain your neck or back. While yoga focuses on alignment, a visit to your local Austin chiropractor can ensure that your practice reaps the benefits you seek, instead of aggravating existing misalignment.

Here are three common injuries that can result from yoga practice, and how you can avoid downtime from falling prey to them:

Neck Strain: yoga is nearly unique in its inclusion of inverted postures, some of which can put pressure on your neck. Postures such as Plow and Headstand should only be undertaken under the watchful eye of an experienced yoga teacher, and when practiced properly do not cause pressure in the vertebrae or muscles of the neck. Avoid these postures if you have a pre-existing or current injury, or if your neck feels vulnerable in any way. Schedule an evaluation with your chiropractor to address any discomfort.

Yoga Butt: while some people admire yoga for getting you ready to rock your skinny jeans, “yoga butt” actually refers to a constellation of symptoms felt, well, in your posterior. Especially in the styles relying heavily on Sun Salutations, such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga, any pelvic instability or misalignment can be magnified by the repetition. The origin of the hamstring on what is commonly called “the sitting bones” becomes inflamed and can actually tear if the underlying misalignment and imbalance aren’t cared for. If you have pain in forward bends or irritation at the base of your pelvis, make an appointment with your chiropractor for evaluation.

Hip Flexor Strain: with the popular emphasis on abdominal and core workouts, hip flexor muscles can become overworked due to poor form, excessive repetition or underlying imbalance. Pain at the front of the hip joint or when bringing the leg toward the body might be an indication that you’ve been using your hip flexors instead of your target muscles, the abdominal muscles. Start slowly, privilege form over quantity and see your chiropractor for evaluation of possible misalignment underlying these symptoms.

By paying attention to your body’s signals, being regular and gradual in your practice and attention to alignment you can prevent these injuries. In Austin, make an appointment at Earnest Holistic Health to get the support you deserve for your most vital life.


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